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On grid: Net metering vs gross metering

Net metering:

Bi directional meter is used in net metering. In this arrangement you will be using solar electricity to power your household appliances and if your system produces surplus energy you can sell the surplus electricity produced in day time to utility. While in night hours you will be able to take the power from grid. At the end of months you will be debited/credit according to your usage of power from grid.

Gross metering:

This set-up involves two meters. One is connected to the inverter and measures total electricity generated by the solar system while the other measures how much electricity is being drawn from the grid into the home.

Under this arrangement you're prevented from using your solar energy in your home.

This set-up is beneficial if solar electricity tariff is higher than the conventional electricity tariff.

Off grid: Hybrid and battery backup

There are no requirements of grid connection for off grid systems. In day time ,electricity produced by solar systems can be fed to households and in night hours stored electricity can be used from the battery bank that were being charged in day time simultaneously while producing light.

If you are having already a power backup generator, hybrid installation is also possible where you will be using your backup generator in absence of solar light, that is mostly in night hours.

how it works

"Share your electricity bill to let us know your solar requirement in a better way"

FIT Advantage

  • The use of certified and best quality components in all our installations.
  • Customized tailor-made solutions for each & every customer
  • Full technical support as and when required
  • Assistance in getting government benefits wherever applicable

Our experience coupled with the expertize of our support partners help us in designing and implementing a solar off-grid system which is most suitable to our client’s needs.

We do not offer any standardized solution because we feel that every customer’s requirement is unique and it has to be catered to in a special manner. This is what makes us conspicous in the field of system integration.

We are proud to say that we do not only help you in saving money and but also ensure that you derive the maximum benefits out of it.

How we do it

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Site assessment

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System design and proposal

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Installation and commissioning

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Low Maintenance

Just a weekly wipe on panels, and, that's all

Energy Indepenence

No worry from infrequent power cuts

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Green Factor

Being an enviornmental consciousness